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Rich Flores is a lifetime drugfree lifter. Although he has competed in both drug free and non-tested competitions he has never taken drugs. Rich has 25 World Titles, 40 National Titles and 21 Best Lifter Awards.

Rich is 77 years old, was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago and started lifting when he was 18 years old in 1956 and entered his first competition in Olympic Lifting in 1965. Rich took first place. He works out 4 days a week at the Quality Classic Gym with his wife Cathy and his workout partner of 45 years Rich Glumac.  Rich was an electrician for Metra Rail Road for 43 years and is now retired and devotes himself to his lifting.  Rich is also a former Marine.

     In the summer of 1938 this is how it all began.
Rich practiced his daily acrobat routine with his father.

To view a movie of Rich's routine click here

World Powerlifting Champion Rich Flores
62 Years Old (2000)
   18 Years Old (1956)
 33 Years Old (1971)    
  World Powerlifting Champion Rich Flores
Rich Flores
 64 Years Old (2002)
Helsinki, Finland
67 Years Old (Nov. 2005)
Best Lifter Award
This is what 71 looks like!

He always has people wondering about his youthful look. The American
Drug Free Powerlifting Association asked him to produce a certified copy of his birth certificate.
Some people questioned his real age.  He was born January 26, 1938.

The July 2002 issue of Powerlifting USA stated "Rich Flores at 165 lbs. won the outstanding lifter award in the Masters Division, while setting three world records; Squatting 513 lbs., Deadlifting 534 lbs. and Totaling 1311 pounds at the age of sixty-four and Rich has found the fountain of youth."

He attributes his youthfulness to working out on a consistent basis, good clean living, eating right, taking a lot of nutrients and a happy and healthy relationship with his wife Cathy.

1971 Lifting Pictures

1983 Rich & Rich Tug-0f-War Competition

World Powerlifting Champion Rich Flores

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